About Us

Who We Are?

We-Bus is a leading company in the road transportation field in Egypt, our goal is to provide varied services for long-distance travel between the governorates, through the best types of transportation that enjoy the highest standards of travel safety and maintain the best quality of service for our lovely customers. We-bus depends on using the best types of vehicles (Hi-Ace) that provide comfort and safety during the trips to our customers and also speed, which is what our customers suffer from using large vehicles before

We Power

Why Webus ?

After 10 Years Of Working, We Know How To Make You Happy And Satisfiy In Your Trips


Low Stopping Points, Using Fast Roads Even If It Is Longer But Faster

Safety & Vehicle Tracking

Technicians And Drivers Have Been Selected And Trained At The Highest Level. Buses Are Equipped With Lane Monitoring Systems, Automatic Speed Control System And Ambient Light Sensors

50+ Pickup & Drop Off Location

We Are Expanding Our Destinations And Branches To Cover Allover Egypt

Awesome Service

We Transport

Our transportation team experts, technicians and drivers have been selected and trained at the highest level. Buses are equipped with lane monitoring systems, automatic speed control system and ambient light sensors

We Private

Now will be able to reserve our (Hi-ace) vehicles for your personal travel among all Egyptian cities at unprecedented competitive prices.You are able to take your family, friends in a private vehicle to any place and enjoy

We Shipment

Shiping anything became more easier and faster with us, we are covering most of Egypt roads. All what you need is to drop your shipment in one of our branches and our team will will do the rest until your shipment recived by the reciver

Corporate Deals

For better service, We team has secured excellent corporate deals with unique camps & resturant to ensure a comfortable stay for the Webus community. We are also open for corporate deals, if you are hotel, camp, resturant, cafe or activity services please contact us.